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We offer the highest quality floor of the noblest native species of oak and ash. High quality production and proper selection of coatings ensure a long service life and the unique beauty of hardwood flooring. Currently prevailing trends prompted us to search for natural products as much as possible, and at the same time modern and timeless. So did the idea to create a unique series of finished products with high quality varnish and oil waxes. Each of our floor has a unique character and always at the customer request. Passion for creation gives us the opportunity to show you a collection inspired by the four seasons of the year, created with attention to detail. Each of them presents a unique range of solid wood flooring of a different nature and different forms of surface finish. Solid floor to ensure maximum comfort, makes you feel underfoot real, natural floor that will check for any interior. The variety of styles and colors to spur the imagination, allows you to create original, unique arrangements.