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In our offer you will find parquet species of national, European and exotic, from high quality wood, which is the basis for many pattern options and finishing hardwood floors. The offer includes a wide range of floor boards from traditional solid wood flooring and floorboards with ready-oiled or lacquered boards that are available in many different colors. Our wood flooring will satisfy the most sophisticated tastes and styles of furnishing. We offer both light floors that add light and airy to the interiors, such as ash, maple and beech, classic wood species such as oak, merbau, American walnut, as well as dark, saturated as merbau wood, sucupira, steamed oak or wenge, which introduce into the feeling of coziness. We offer you the industry parquet that its appearance will certainly enrich the ambiguous interior. The floor is the most important part of the apartment , an essential part of an individual homely atmosphere. Color, pattern and composition of the materials used on the floor affects the aesthetic perception of the interior. The wooden floor makes the apartment has an extremely pleasant and noble atmosphere, suitable for the nature of our interior. On the one hand warm surface, on the other, a unique structure in the form of an interesting grain. Hardwood flooring provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, is resistant to deformation and mechanical damage. Due to hygroscopicity of wood has a natural ability to control the interior microclimate in which it is installed. Hardwood flooring is timeless and is not fashion trends. It is primarily durable and can be repeatedly renewed. High strength and versatility makes wooden flooring very successfully for many years. Hardwood flooring introduced into the natural beauty that has for many years. We realize that the wood floor is multi-generational part of the interior because of that Centrum Parkieciarza is your expert advisor with many years of experience.

Key features of the floorboards and solid parquets.
- Beautiful natural colors and grain of wood flooring,
- Eco-friendly material, without any additives and enhancers
- Excellent sound and thermal properties
- Thick and very durable wear layer,
- Wooden floor can be repeatedly renewed,
- Longevity
- The product is not causing allergies.