We are able to supply our customers with all the products needed for installation of wooden floors, as well as care and maintenance of wood surfaces. We offer high quality products for installation, painting, floor maintenance and power tools and accessories needed to work with.


We offer a full range of professional services from initial measurements to give final floor:
– Check the prepared substrate (strength test, level)
– the measurement of moisture content / method / CM
- pouring self-leveling and repair of cementitious substrates
– drying room
- preparing the ground
- bonding parquet floors, mosaics and industrial parquet and planks on the cement floor
- glueing laminated parquet on the cement floor with underfloor heating
– laying parquet unusual and original
– installation of joists and planks on concrete floors and wood
– laying planks in the marina system
– floor sanding with professional equipment (dust-free)
– professional painting
- oiling and oils coloring
– oiling, varnishing floors in the Lios (natural oil + PUR).
The high quality of our services, in addition to a solid, professional approach to carrying out services is also affected by dust-free and professional equipment.